Friday, September 24, 2010

Blake Does Stuff : Guerrilla War! Part 7!

Blake Does Stuff
Guerrilla War!

Che Guevara quits being a pussy and continues his screaming rampage through UNNAMED CARIBBEAN ISLAND Munitions Facility. Witness his agility and speed as he cowers behind crates and sandbags! Shortly after being shot in the face and run over by a tank, he settles the score with the Bulldozer Twins. May or may not be Umaga.

THEN! Che finally reaches the stronghold of UNNAMED CARIBBEAN ISLAND Dictator! After taking a deadly headbutt to the leg, he decides to follow one simple plan. RUN! But running can only do so much, before he comes face to face with UNNAMED CARIBBEAN ISLAND Dictator. Judging by the apparently bulletproof nature of this man, doubled by the RIDICULOUS amount of firepower, seemingly coming out of his arms and chest, it can only be deduced that UNNAMED CARIBBEAN ISLAND Dictator is one man and one man only.

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